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Text Translator

The classification of a text translator can be done according to three factors:

1.- According to the use of language

According the use of language, the text translator is divided into:

Technical Text Translator

Professional and business tasks handle a language proper to the profession, a technical language. They have specific phrases and terms, and that is the reason why specialized or technical translators need a vast knowledge of the subject, profession or topic the document deals with.

In this category are the scientific or technical translators, legal, financial, medical translators, etc.

Literary Text Translator

The literary translator understands the meaning of the sentences in the original language and translates them trying to express the figures of speech exactly.

In this category are the translators of literary works, children’s stories, novels, biographies, poetry, essays, drama, best-sellers, etc.

General Text Translator

The general translator translates texts commonly used by the public. No specialized terms or phrases are used.

In this category are the translators of newspaper articles, magazines, reports, or public broadcast text.

2.- According to the one in charge of doing the translation work

According to this criteria, the text translator is classified as:

Human Text Translator

The human translator is a professional person specifically trained both in theory and in work experience, who can perform tasks as a translator or interpreter depending on his tastes, experiences and opportunities that may arise.

Computerized Text Translator

Computers can be used to translate with or without human intervention. Thus, we have:

1.- The automatic translator and

2.- The computer aided translator (CAT: computer aided translation).

Automatic Text Translator

This text translator is a machine that has a specialized program that uses multiple databases with equivalent sentence pairs in multiple languages.

The resulting text will have a varying degree of accuracy.

Computer Aided Text Translator

This translator is a human being, who uses a specialized program fed with translated sentence pairs, that the same translator found throughout his work activities.

These programs store translated phrases, so that when a similar phrase appears during the translation process, the program will include that phrase automatically, and the translator will be able to make the necessary corrections to complete the accuracy of the phrase translation.

These programs provide the translator with already translated terms and phrases, as well as dictionaries during the very moment of translation.

3.- According to the media you are targeting the translation

The medium to which the translation is aimed, forces the translator to follow certain rules and working techniques. In this category are:

Localization Text Translator

These text translator know special working techniques and use specialized programs to translate everything the end user will see in a software utility, leaving intact the original document source code, that the end user does not see. In this category are the translators of web pages, software, firmware.

Audiovisual Content Text Translator:

Subtitles Translator

This translator translates the sentences pronounced by actors in a movie and prints the translated phrase somewhere on the screen that will not disturb the viewer. This type of translation presents 2 challenges: 1) managing the font size used according the screen size or type, and 2) the synchronization between the audio and the translated phrase, so that the understanding of the audio of the movie does not get more difficult.

Dubbing Translator

The dubbing work can be divided into two stages: 1) Translation of the script of the movie and 2) Interchange the original script audio with the audio of a dubber that uses the previous translation. The translator will have to change words with synonyms, so that the movement of the actors’ mouths match the words translated.

Supertitles Translator

These human translators summarize the singing and recitals of a theater play in a text, that is projected above or below the stage with the aim of making it easier for viewers to follow the progress of the play. Once again, the translator must adapt to the medium in which the translation will be used, and he will have to respect the stage time and current performance.

Audio and Visual Media Translator

Again, the translator will have to adapt to the different type of materials used for the public distribution of any text. For example, encyclopedias, transparencies, slides, film, microfilm, pdf, pub, mobi, etc.

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