Translator Types

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Translators are classified in two main translator types:

  1. Interpreters or oral translators and
  2. Text translators.

After this classification, the following sub-classifications are more complicated, because they are mixed together. Beneath, you will find some of the translator types:


  • Simultaneous interpreter
  • Consecutive interpreter
  • At sight interpreter
  • Social interpreter

Text translator

  • According to the use of language
    • Technical or specialized translators
    • Literary translator
    • General translator
  • According to the one in charge of doing the translation work
    • Human Translator
    • Computerized translator
      • Automatic translator
      • Computer Aided Translator
  • According to the media you are targeting the translation
    • Localization translator
    • Audio and visual media translator
      • Subtitles translator
      • Dubbing translator
      • Supertitles translator
      • Audiovisual content translator
human translator types

Translator Types

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